‘Parent Consultation Session with Penang Green Council Perks’ – Your Household Usage and Conservation: What Can You Do?’ at SK St. Mark Butterworth – September 23, 2022

23 September 2022 – A talk entitled ” Your Household Usage and Conservation: What Can You Do?” was presented by Water Watch Penang at the invitation of the Penang Green Council. Ninety people, including parents, students’ relatives, and staff from SK St. Mark Butterworth, attended the event.

This seminar is part of the parent consultation session meant to educate parents on water issues and encourage them to make more frugal water consumption choices at home. The Water Watch Penang’s Executive Manager, Dr. Hong Chern Wern, began the evening with an introduction and background on the organisation, before engaging in a discussion of water education with the aim of informing and alerting parents about water issues in Penang, whose residents are the largest water users in Malaysia. It also implies that this overuse goes hand in hand with waste, despite Penang being one of the “water poor” states. The indirect use of water in the consumption of our everyday items and meals was then revealed by Dr. Hong’s brief explanation on ‘WATER FOOTPRINT.’ Lastly, Dr. Hong imparted knowledge on parents on water conservation measures they may undertake. If parents implement this water-saving practice at home, perhaps they will find it easier to shape their children into conscientious and responsible water consumers.


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