Water Watch Penang Makes a Splash in Eco Fest 2024 at UTAR Kampar

The Eco Fest 2024, organized by the Community Service Society of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in Kampar, aimed to promote eco-friendly practices and sustainable living. Water Watch Penang (WWP), led by the Programme Officer, Mr. Hanson Yeoh and assisted by intern, Mr. Dane Lim, provided water conservation insights to Utarians and the public.

Held on February 27th and 28th, the objective of the event was to facilitate discussions and exchange on environmental conservation by various environmental organization. WWP’s focused on water-related education, starting with Mr. Hanson Yeoh giving an overview of WWP’s history and goals. He distributed information about ongoing activities such as River and Water Education Programme, emphasizing the importance of assessments using physical, chemical, and biological methods to gauge river water quality.  Additionally, he highlighted Negalitres for Schools, a program involving the installation of water-saving equipment and an education program to reduce water consumption, along with other CSR programmes.

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Under the Negalitres for Schools Programme, Water Watch Penang (WWP) again has successfully conducted a double-education programme in SJKC Union from 8.00am to 10.15am on the 19th of October 2023. SJKC Union is one of the on-going participants of the Negalitres for Schools Programme, and is also one of the Green School recipients for FEE Eco-Schools Programme.

Session 1: Water Education and Awareness Talk
Session 2: Water Quality Assessment Activity

The educational session was segmented into two parts: an education and awareness session that involved the participation of over 800 students and 15 teachers, and a water quality assessment activity involving 30 students and 2 teachers from the Environmental Club.

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Negalitres for Schools Programme with SJKC Kong Min (Cawangan Satu) – 9th October 2023

Water Watch Penang (WWP) successfully hosted the ‘Negalitres for Schools’ River and Water Education Programme for students from SJKC Kong Min Cawangan Satu, Penang, on October 9, 2023. A total of 135 students and 15 teachers participated in this program from 8:15 am to 10:00 am.

WWP’s Senior Facilitator, Ms. Ong Ke Shin, an alumna of the school, conducted the entire educational session in Mandarin. Ms. Ong began with a brief introduction to WWP, followed by an awareness session covering global, national, and local water issues. She emphasized the students’ involvement in the Negalitres for Schools program and discussed various water-saving technologies and how to use them correctly. Ms. Ong also educated the students on water-saving practices, both at school and at home. To assess the students’ understanding, she conducted a quiz, and winners received coloring books from WWP.

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Water Education Awareness Programme with Habitat Foundation at Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS) – 6th October 2023

On October 6, 2023, Water Watch Penang collaborated with the Habitat Foundation to successfully conduct its core program, the ‘River and Water Education Program,’ at the Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS) in Balik Pulau. This marked the second collaboration between Water Watch Penang and the Habitat Foundation for classroom education at POWIIS.

The session was attended by two teachers, Mr. Ian Withers and Mr. Philip Odeny, as well as eight students aged between 13 and 16 years old. Mr. Naventhan Ahrasan, the Foundation Initiative Team Lead, and the program were conducted by Dr. Hong Chern Wern, the Executive Manager of WWP.

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Water Watch Penang (WWP) successfully conducted the ‘Negalitres for Schools’ River and Water Education Programme for students from SJKC Kai Chee, Butterworth, Penang, on the 4th of October 2023. A total of 32 Standard 4 students and 1 teacher actively participated in the programme, which took place from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Mr. Hanson Yeoh, the WWP Programme Officer, with the assistance of a volunteer, Ms. Yeoh Zhi Ru, commenced the session with an insightful presentation and provided an overview of the organization’s history, goals, and past projects. The global water issues were effectively communicated to the students through the engaging storybook-telling method, titled “The Water Princess,” capturing the students’ attention and fostering an understanding of the privilege of having access to clean water in Malaysia compared to some unfortunate African nations.

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