Negalitres for Schools – 2022 to 2024


‘Negalitres for Schools’ is a water demand management project targeting 100 schools in Penang over three years (a minimum of 34 schools per year) that involves installation of water saving equipment and education programme with the aim to reduce water consumption, thus ‘negative’ litre.

Why Negalitres for Schools?

  • Free installation of water saving equipment by PBAPP/SPAN Certified plumber
  • International Recognition
  • Be part of the Green School Programme
  • Opportunity to be selected into Water Audit Competition
  • Students to be empowered in school in water saving.
  • Free education session* with e-certificate for teachers and student participants
  • Most importantly, your school get to save water and be climate resilient

*Based on the latest regulation by Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pulau Pinang (JPNPP), the session will be conducted either face-to-face or virtually


  1. Will the ‘Negalitres for Schools’ project incur any cost for the school?
    No. This project is fully funded by CLEAN International Inc. and Intel Corporation and coordinated by Water Watch Penang.
  2. What are the types of water saving equipment to be installed in my school?
    ‘Push-Tap Urinal’ for the toilet, ‘Push Tap’ for sink, and ‘Washer’ for taps by PBAPP
From left: Push-Tap Urinal for the toilet, ‘Push Tap’ for sink, ‘Washer’ for taps
Note: Designs may vary accordingly

3. How will the water saving equipment be installed?
WWP will be coordinating with the teacher in-charge to arrange for a visit with SPAN/PBAPP certified plumber. WWP will be identifying places to be installed with the water saving equipment.
4. How many water saving equipment will be installed in our school?
Depending on the needs, WWP will be installing a total maximum of 10 x ‘Push-Tap Urinal’, 10 x ‘Push Tap’ and 20 x Washers
5. What is the timeline of this project?
This project will span over three years for 100 schools in Penang from 2022 to 2024.
6. What are the requirements for this programme?
– Registered school will have to involve their students in water education programme (one-off session of 2 hours) conducted by WWP via online or face-to-face
– Registered school must agree to release their water bill for internal water consumption monitoring purposes (please refer to the online registration form for more information)

7. Will there be any reporting or administrative paperwork required?
There is absolutely NO paperwork or reporting required. Just register and WWP will be planning and implementing the programme.

8. Is this the same programme as Penang Green School programme?
No. This is a different programme but, this programme will also serve as a complimentary programme to the PGC’s Penang Green School Programme as this programme will assist towards reduction of water consumption in school.

9. What is the recognition of this programme?
This program is brought to you by Water Water Penang in partnership with CLEAN International and Intel Corporation.

Our local partners involved are Penang State Government via Penang Green Council, Penang Water Supply Corporation and Green Educators Workgroup (GREW). This programme is supported by Minister of Environment and Water and Penang State Education Department.

Curriculums for water education:
a) Global, National and Local Water Issues
b) Technologies and Techniques in Water Conservation
c) Ways to Save Water at School and at Home
Registered teachers and participants will be able to receive e-cert upon completion of the lesson.

Registration Link:
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