World Water Day 2022 Webinar with Dato’ Ir. Jaseni Maidinsa, CEO of PBAPP and PBAHB – 20th April 2022, Online Zoom

Penang, faced with the possibility of raw water shortage between 2025 and 2030, besides educating the public via water NGOs such as Water Watch Penang to reduce domestic water consumption, PBAPP is also exploring into strategies such as Perak Raw Water Transfer or even investment into desalination technology. Such strategy is vital to ensure sufficient water supply for the sustainable development initiatives of Penang.

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UPDATED SCHEDULE – Introductory Course on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) – 13 to 15 June 2022

Malaysian Water Partnership in collaboration with Water Watch Penang, UNESCO IHP and supported by Global Environment Centre (GEC) and School of Humanities, USM, will be organising a 3-day course on Introduction to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) on the following dates, time and venue.

Date: 13 to 15 June 2022
Time: Download the programme here
Venue: School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia (Main Campus)

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Contests, Competitions and Event by Water Watch Penang

Hola Everyone

Are you bored of sitting at home during the PANDEMIC? Well there are endless opportunities to create content and be PRODUCTIVE! And the really cool thing about it? You don’t have to be a PROFESSIONAL to do it. You just have to have the right tools and right mindset!

That’s why WATER WATCH PENANG in collaboration with various organisations, pulled together a total of 3 contests/competitions and 1 event in the upcoming months to keep you covered and your energy boosted. Are you ready to discover more about WATER? Check Out Below and Click on Each Link for More Information!

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In collaboration with Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd. (PBAPP), Water Watch Penang (WWP) is hosting a Water Audit Competition for which is open to all National Secondary Schools in Penang

Register a team of 5 students + 1 teacher coordinator!! We will be accepting a total maximum of 10 Schools based on first come first serve basis.

What are you waiting for?
Grab a slot and start Auditing now!
A good auditor never makes mistakes

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The Story of Our Water

Due to popular demand, the Storytelling event is back again this year!! In collaboration with Water Watch Penang (WWP) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), under sponsorship by Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP), The Giving Tree Story House is presenting “The Story of Our Water”. Water covers 70% of our planet. So, is water plentiful for all livings? In fact, there is only 3% of world’s water is freshwater and <1% is assesible. Currently, many regions in the world are facing water scarcity. In these sessions, through storytelling using picture books and fun activities, children will be exposed to the importance of water conservation. Children will learn about the sources of fresh water, water pollution and the importance of saving water to cope with its scarcity for a sustainable living. Let us instill water awareness to our children from a young age!

Contact for details:

Registration and Information can be found in the following link:
Event Details:…/1FAIpQLSdigUsXmaLpha…/viewform