About Us

Water Watch Penang (WWP) is a non-profit organisation founded on November 1997 as part of the Sustainable Penang Initiative under the auspices of the Socio-economic & Environmental Research Institute (SERI) of Penang.

Its vision is based on 5 Sustainable Development Goals:

(i) Quality Education

(ii) Clean Water & Sanitation

(iii) Sustainable Cities and Communities

(iv) Responsible Consumption & Production

(v) Climate Action

WWP teaches parents who play a vital role as “water managers” at home and in the work place. Parents manage the family’s water budget and educate their children about water saving. WWP promotes water demand management (WDM) to ensure that water resources are not depleted but remain sustainable. Via WDM, the amount of water saved nationally is significant and WDM can lead to saving mega-water projects for future generations. Through domestic water audit (DWA), a form of WDM, water recycling and saving techniques become key strategies in addressing water scarcity and other water problems in Malaysia. WWP also work with government and water service providers in reducing high rates of non-revenue water, upgrading water treatment plants, increasing awareness, public education and other important water related issues. The ultimate objective of WWP is to create a “Water Saving Society” in Malaysia.

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