Meet our new intern, Ms. Lee Tze Ee from the School of Communication majoring in journalism from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Lee Tze Ee or Jocelyn is currently a final year undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelor of Communication (Honours) majoring in journalism at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She was born and raised in Ipoh, Perak.

Being a former school athlete, Jocelyn loves to swim, hike and jog during her spare time. She particularly has a fondness for water sports ever since she learned to swim at an early age. Besides, she also serves as a lifeguard at USM where she learned about lifesaving skills, water survival skills, and water safety issues.

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WWP welcomes our new intern, Mr. Ooi Che Khai

Mr. Ooi Che Khai, a Penang native who is currently a third-year student studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Environmental Engineering at University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus (UTAR Kampar). He is very interested in the field of ecology, nature, and green technology which can help to make our Earth better. As a nature lover, he thinks that getting an internship opportunity in Waterwatch Penang (WWP) can help to improve his skill in communication, and water analysis, and get more knowledge about nature and green technology. With the skills and knowledge obtained from this internship opportunity, Che Khai can smoothen and establish a foundation for his future career.

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