Meet Our New Batch of Interns!

Meet our new batch of interns, this time from School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. They are Ms. Nurul Suhana, Ms. Elsheena Edwin, Ms. Lim Chai Mei and Mr. Sharvind Sivan.

Ms. Nurul Suhana

Ms. Nurul Suhana hails from from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. She loves it when people around her called her Hana.

Hana started to realize her passion towards water when she first tried out water sports. That was her turning point where she started to aware of the importance of water. Pursuing her study in USM and majoring in Aquatic biology make her want to learn more about water and appreciate every drops of water. Most of her friends live in Selangor and when several water crises occur in Selangor lately has opened her eyes that if she does not care and educate fellow citizens, we might face water crisis and loosing clean water. Plus, she thought we might experience biodiversity loss. Hana have heard about Water Watch Penang a few times on social media such as Facebook. When she was searching for internship placement, she decided to apply for an internship programme at WWP. She is looking forward to learn more about water, the condition of our river, what we can do to save our water and handling water education programmes with great people and experts at WWP. In addition, she really wants to enhance her soft skills and get to know more people throughout programmes conducted by WWP.

In USM, she is well known as an athlete and one of her favorite things to do is to play sports. Her day is incomplete without doing any kind of sports. Futsal and football are her favourite sports and of course, Hana is a big fan of Manchester United Football Club #GGMU

Ms. Elsheena Edwin

Elsheena Edwin is currently a third-year student majoring in Environmental Biology from USM. She applied for an internship programme with Water Watch Penang to further enhance her knowledge on issues regarding water and gain additional insight on water education. As a Penangite herself, she is enthusiastic to conduct programmes alongside WWP and to instill water savviness amongst other Penangites. You can catch her ‘beratur-ing’ for some Nasi Kandar or de-stressing in Penang Hill as seen in the photo. #penangonebetter

Ms. Lim Chai Mei

Miss Lim Chai Mei from Taiping, Perak, currently is an undergraduate student from School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She is interested in water related issues so she has decided to do her internship at Water Watch Penang to learn and explore more about this field and enhance her soft skills. She is looking forward to applying the knowledges that she learned from WWP to help the society in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Mr. Sharvind Sivan

Sharvind Sivan is his name, and the Nature is his game. Born and bred a pure Penangite with a special place in his heart for Nasi Kandar and Penang Hokkien Mee

His love for nature began by watching documentaries on channels such as the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Being in love with nature, Sharvind began following his passion by enrolling himself in UPM and pursuing a Diploma in Forestry. Intrigued with managing the forest and conserving its biotic components, he taught himself to journey through the forest, and successfully graduated in 2018. In the same year, he applied for a bachelor’s degree, and he is currently a student from the School of Biological Sciences pursuing a Degree in Applied Biology (Majoring in Environmental Biology) in USM.

He loves being in the water and taught himself to swim at the age of 5. This was the sole reason which drove him to apply for an internship in Water Watch Penang. As an intern from Penang, he intends to learn more about water related research and hosting water education programmes to educate the public on the importance of water. He also aims to gain experience and improve his managing skills through Water Watch Penang.

In his copious free time, he enjoys channeling his focus on video editing and graphic designing using Adobe. Sharvind is also a passionate gamer who happens to be a die-hard fan of the Assassins Creed and Call of Duty gaming franchise. He has been gaming for over 18 years across various platforms including the PlayStation and PC.

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