SJKC Union 21 Days Zero Waste Challenge 2021 – 17th May 2021 to 6th June 2021

The SJKC Union 21 Days Zero Waste Challenge 2021 ended on a high note in conjunction of World Environment Day. This event, a brainchild of the passionate teachers of SJKC Union in collaboration with Eco Schools Programme (under the Foundation for Environmental Education).

In line with SDG6 (Clean water and sanitation) and SDG12 (Responsible consumption and production), this ‘challenge’ was organised with the effort to educate students on the concept of ‘Water Saving Initiatives’ in mind. Also, to be in line with SDG17 (Partnership for the Goals), this event was co-organised with Water Watch Penang and Malaysia Ecological Civilization Communication Center, in association with SJKC Union Zero Waste Initiative.

The MCO caused Covid-19 Pandemic did not deter the online sessions/activities from being conducted. The five education sessions on river and water-related topics were conducted by a facilitator from Water Watch Penang and Malaysia Ecological Civilization Communication Center, spanning over three weeks and were attended by more than 100 lively and interested students ranging from Standard One to Standard Six during each session respectively. This highly popular event has also seen that students were required to to complete weekly challenges prepared by the group of highly passionated and dedicated teachers. Winners were announced on the final day of the event whereby Water Watch Penang will be sponsoring the prizes.

The topic for each session were as follow:

17th May 2021Session 1 River and Water Education Programme Part 1: (Global, National and Local Water Issues) by Water Watch Penang  
21st May 2021Session 2‘Water and I’ by Malaysia Ecological Civilization Communication Center
24th May 2021Session 3River and Water Education Programme Part 2: (River Water Quality Assessment) by Water Watch Penang  
28th May 2021Session 4Water Audit at schools/home and ways to save water by Water Watch Penang
6th June 2021Session 5Water Footprint for schools by Water Watch Penang

Under Water Watch Penang’s session, Session 1 and Session 3 were conducted virtually as part of Water Watch Penang/PBAPP’s core programme, the River and Water Education Programme. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the sessions were conducted by Dr. Hong Chern Wern, senior facilitator and Executive Manager for Water Watch Penang with many interactive examples to demonstrate water quality assessment and river/water education.

Session 4 and Session 5 were conducted as additional sessions towards the objective of water saving initiative practices at home and at school for the school children.

For more information regarding the River and Water Education Programme, please contact us at or via whatsapp business at +6019-5751253

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