Water is synonymous with life. Water is an extremely valuable natural resource. It is a fundamental human need and a priceless asset that all living things possess. Water is equally necessary for the plant and animal kingdoms to survive. It is required to sustain plants in the soil. Additionally, the water cycle is critical for ecological balance. While water covers a large portion of the Earth, only a small portion of it is usable for various human activities. As a result, we must be prudent and rational in our water consumption.

Penangites consume one of the most water State in Malaysia, despite the fact that Penang is a water-scarce state with limited raw water resources. The low domestic water tariff and adequate daily water supply in Penang contribute significantly to a lack of awareness about water conservation. Water was used excessively without consideration on the over-consumption over the available supply.

Thus, through this water awareness program (module creation), we hope to increase children’s awareness of the importance of water. The materials were published in English in 2022 and in Chinese in 2023, with the expected translation and publication in Bahasa Malaysia version in 2024.

Children will learn about the importance of water conservation through the fun activities in the book. They will learn about freshwater sources, daily use of water, water pollution, and the critical role of water conservation in ensuring Penang’s water supply is sustainable. Each participant will be receiving one book.


The Water Awareness Activity book will be given to 8 kindergartens in Penang. The participants (ages 4-8 years old). Similar to the previous programmes, the book will be divided into FOUR (4) parts of water-related topics through the following activities:

  • Circulation of the activity books to 8 kindergartens
  1. Activity book: created by us with collaboration with Fargoes Publishing Sdn Bhd and acknowledgement to PBAPP, will be circulated to 8 kindergartens (Mandarin speaking) in Penang.
  2. Understand the topics of: water resources, the importance of water in our daily life, water pollution, and water conservation.
  3. Raise the awareness of water saving.
  • Activities
  1. There are 16 activities, such as:
    a) Colour the wave
    b) Word search
    c) Origami (Pirate ship)
    d) Search objects
    e) Educational activities, and many more.
  • Mini contest
  1. Save water colouring contest for the children.
  2. Children will share their artworks on social media platform (Facebook) and tag WWP and PBAPP.
  3. Winners are picked by the most likes from the community.


a) Immediate Outputs:
• 4000 copies of books will be circulated to the young children in Penang.
• Increased awareness among young children on the value of water and the importance of water conservation.
• At least 2000 children (8 Malay speaking kindergartens and 8 Chinese speaking kindergarten – in Penang) will be educated through the activity book.
• From the activities including the colouring contest, tips of saving water will be promoted to the children as well as their family.

b) Long Term Outcomes:
• Children and parents will be more aware on the value of water and thus share and apply the knowledge (water saving tips) learned. At the end of the session, survey will be conducted to determine the effectiveness and impact this programme on children and family.
• The book will be given to the children. They will cherish the book and use the book.


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