WWP – PBA River and Water Awareness Education Program 14th March 2015

WWP- PBA River and Water Awareness Education Program 14th March 2015

Date: 14th March 2015 (Saturday)

School: SRJT Ladang Alma (Standard 4 to 6)

Venue: Hutan Rimba Bukit Mertajam

Time: 8.00am – 12.00pm

Number of Participant: 37 students and 4 teachers

Water Watch Penang (WWP) invited students and teachers from SJKT Ladang Alma to our River and Water Awareness Educational Program on 14th March 2015. This time, 27 students were participated in this programme. The objective of this programme is to increase knowledge and raise awareness on the current issues pertaining water, river and environment as well as discovering and learning about importance of river and water education.

Students arrived at Taman Rimba Bukit Mertajam at 8.10 o’clock in the morning. The programme starts with the briefing by Mr. Hong Chern Wern about some Penang water issues and what are the physical, chemical and biological properties of river water. The students were also taught on the water cycle, source of Penang water and the importance of river protection in Penang. After that, students were taught how to conduct physical water samplings and carry out checks on micro-organisms found in the river during biological water samplings. Physical water sampling includes the calculation of river flow rate, observation on water clarity, water colour, water odour, sediment colour, algae abundance and algae colour. Chemical part include the test of water pH (acidity/alkalinity), dissolved oxygen, temperature and turbidity. After chemical test, students are given a short break and have their refreshment provided by WWP. After short break, activities continue on the biological section which is the most looked-forward, where students were taught how to capture aquatic life and identify them according to a chart which indicates the level of cleanliness of the river.



“River & Water” Environmental Education Programme


General Information:                                                                                Facilitators:

River’s name  :     Taman Rimba Bukit Mertajam                                 1. Hong Chern Wern

Date              :     14 March 2015                                                         2. Quah Yee Ling

Time             :      8am -12 noon                                                           3. Phang Wai Leng

Weather        :      Sunny day                                                                 4. Ong Siew Lu

                                                                                                              5. Lee Chooi Wen

                                                                                                               6. Yeong Hui Ling

                                                                                                                7. Chong Yeung Ling


Physical conditions of the river:                                                                    Chemical assessments of the river:

Measurements                 Observation / Reading                                           Measurements                           Reading  / Result

Flow rate                           0.094m/s                                                               pH                                               7

Water clarity                     Clean                                                                     Turbidity                                     40JTU

Water colour                    Transparent                                                            Temperature                                25 Degree Celsius 

Water Odour                    No                                                                          Dissolved oxygen                        4ppm

Sediment colour              Brownish

Algae abundance             Yes

Algae colour                    Green


Biological assessments of the river:

List down the macro invertebrates found in the river.


No    Name of Macro invertebrates                      Score

1       Pagoda snail                                                 6

2       River prawn                                                 8

3       Shrimp                                                        4

4       River crab                                                    3

5       Water boatman                                            5

6        Pond skater                                                 5

Average Score per Taxon (ASPT)

                    Total Score                                                 31

=   ——————————————      =   ————————————   = B (rather clean-clean water)

     Number of Macro invertebrates                           6

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