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Interested to experience environmentally fulfilling life? Apply to be a WWP intern.

Interns will work on river and water education apart from learning about the water issues in locally, nationally and internationally. He/she will be able to develop their skills in field work-based education programme, public presentation and much more! Interested intern should be enrolled at a university and have not yet completed a degree or his post-graduate degree. For more information please contact WWP President, Prof. Dr. Chan Ngai Weng.

To date, WWP have trained two international students. They were:

Year 2015
Mr. Patrick Rulong (United States of America) – University of Waterloo, Canada.

Mr. Patrick Rulong hailed from United States of America was a WWP intern from May to August 2015. This internship was a placement requirement for his Master’s Degree in Development Practice (MDP) at the University of Waterloo, Canada.  The MDP is a 16 month “intensive” coursework graduate degree focused on the numerous aspects of sustainable development.  There are an array of subjects throughout the MDP coursework including: water security, energy systems, systems theory, life cycle analysis, sustainable economics, public health, sustainable urban food systems, etc.  He is pursuing this master’s degree as he is exceptionally passionate about sustainability and environmental protection.  He hope to enter the sustainability sector within the USA or abroad upon graduation, in order to be able to contribute to the building of a sustainable future.

Mr. Patrick Rulong  became interested in water security through his MDP coursework and he had meaningful experience working with a local environmental NGO, WWP in regards to water security issues.  First time in Malaysia, he learnt a substantial amount about Malaysian environmental NGOs, Malaysian water issues, Malaysian culture, along with a multitude of rich personal experiences which inspired growth during my summer spent in Penang.  He has also assisted in educational/community outreach activities, grant proposal editing, and various independent research projects.

  “Water Watch Penang is doing good work for a worthwhile cause and if you’re interested in gaining substantial experience in the environmental NGO sector, particularly in regards to water, while working alongside knowledgeable and passionate people, than I highly recommend interning at Water Watch Penang”, Mr. Patrick Rulong.

Year 2012
Mr. Toshiki Sato (Japan) – Yokohama City University, Japan.

Mr. Toshiki Sato, a Japanese national from Yokohama City University, came to Penang, Malaysia as an exchange student in Universiti Sains Malaysia from August 2012 to March 2013. During his exchange programme, Mr. Toshiki Sato also joined WWP as an intern under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Chan Ngai Weng. During his attachment with WWP, Mr. Toshiki Sato has assisted in the river and water awareness education programme. Apart from that he has also assisted WWP in organising other activities such as Annual Water Quiz Competition and joined us on an expedition to Pulau Pangkor.

Mr. Toshiki Sato is a nature lover and he explored the Penang National Park and conquered the Mount Kinabalu as part of his research during his stint in Penang.

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