Water covers 70% of our planet. However, in fact, only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater, and <1 % is accessible. Currently, many regions in the world are facing water scarcity.

Penang is one of the water-poor states with limited raw water resources. Nonetheless, Penangites are the highest water consumer, with domestic water consumption per capita of 308 L/ person/ day. The lowest domestic water tariff and the good daily water supply in Penang serve as the major factor that causes little or no awareness to use the water wisely.

Thus, in this water awareness programme, we hope to raise water awareness in children. Through storytelling sessions and fun activities, children will be exposed to the importance of water conservation. They will learn about the sources of freshwater, water pollution, and the importance of water conservation for a sustainable water supply in Penang.


The main aim of the programme is to raise water awareness in young children to create a water-saving generation in Penang.

SDG4: To ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities by providing environmental education to the children.

SDG6: To raise water awareness in children on the importance of clean water sources, the alternative source of water (rainwater) for non-potable purposes, and tips on water-saving.


The theme of this Water Awareness Programme is “Litter Water Warriors!”.

The target participants for this programme are children aged between 4 to 12 years old. The Water Awareness Programme will be conducted for kindergartens and primary schools in Penang. The participants will be exposed to water-related topics in two modules focusing on (i) water resources and conservation and (ii) water scarcity and water saving. The proposed activities are as follows:

  • Storytelling session
  1. Picture book: read and share
  2. Understand the topics of water resources, the importance of water in our daily life, water pollution, and water conservation.
  3. Raise awareness of water saving.

  • Activities
  1. Children share their thoughts on ways to save water.
  2. Answer questions on water-related topics in a printed booklet.
  3. Do artwork on water conservation and/or water saving.
  4. Conduct water-related experiments.

  • Contest of “Litter Water Warriors”
  1. As the Little Water Warriors, the children will show their understanding of the importance of water for life, its resources, and the need to be protected.
  2. Children will share their artworks (different ways of water saving) on social media platforms.
  3. Winners will be picked by the most likes from the community.

  • At the end of programme, a survey/quiz will be conducted to determine the effectiveness and impact of this programme on children and families.


  • Immediate Outputs:

The immediate output includes:

– increased awareness among young children on the value of water and the importance of water conservation and water saving.
– At least 200 children will be educated in the water awareness programme through the storytelling session and activities.
– From the activities including the art and craft contest, tips for saving water will be promoted to the children as well as their families.
– The effectiveness and impact of this programme on children and families will be evaluated by the survey/ quiz session at the end of the programme.

  • Long-Term Outcomes:

Children and parents will be more aware of the value of water and thus share and apply the knowledge (water-saving tips) learned Every drop counts! It is expected to produce long-term outcomes in creating water warriors who are water conscious and take up initiatives to save water, starting from home.


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