TikTok is an extremely popular social media for the young generation, with 1 billion active users. Therefore, TikTok is a good platform to disseminate or raise awareness of water saving among youth in Malaysia. The first and second Tiktok water-saving competition was organized by Geoinformatics Unit USM and Water Watch Penang with fund support from Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sdn. Bhd in August 2021 and 2022, under the theme of “Together Saving Our Water” or “Bersama Jimatkan Air Kita”. In total, those videos have been viewed more than 5000 times based on the Tiktok platform. This proposal will conduct the third Tiktok water-saving competition, with the aim of sharing water-saving tips with more people through creative videos. 


The objectives of this project are (i) To raise awareness and encourage action among Malaysian youth in water saving; (ii) To promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goals among youth; (iii) To encourage youth benefits social media platform to promote water saving action; and (iv) To raise collaborative action in water saving with the relevant agencies.

SDG4: To ensure quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities by providing tips of water saving to the students via Tik Tok videos.

SDG6: To ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all with the inclusion of awareness on the importance of water-saving.

SDG13: To ensure the youth (future leaders) are aware of the impact of climate change on water shortage and empower them to ready to combat the climate crisis.

SDG17: Establish the partnership of PBWater Watch Penang (Civil Society), Universities (USM, UPSI, etc), Geography Club (Youth), and the Public.


This project will be open to all Malaysians and limited to 50 participating videos. A TikTok video on water saving to be shared on Facebook publicly and tag Water Watch Penang (WWP) and Geoinformatics Unit (GIU), with hashtags #TogetherSavingOurWater, #SaveWater, and #JimatAir. Video length should be lesser than 2 minutes. 

The activities of Tik Tok Competition 3: Together Saving Our Water are as follow:

  • Registration

To encourage more youth to participate and involve in the Tik Tok Competition 3: Together Saving Our Water, we will first collaborate with the student club of geography from USM, UPSI, and other universities as the organizing committee. First, participants will register via google form to confirm their participation in the competition.  In order to attract more participants, some allocation will be used for marketing purposes, i.e., the FB advertisement or finding influencers to promote the competition.

  • Video making and upload

Registered participants will upload one video related to water-saving tips to tik tok and share the video via other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. The participants will need to tag the accounts of Water Watch Penang, GeoInformatic Unit, etc. Besides that, the participants also need to hashtag “#togethersavingourwater”, “#savewater” and other related keywords to promote the videos.

  • Judgment

Each video will be judged by at least four judges from WWP, USM, UPSI, and PBAPP based on the impact, creativity, content, and quality of the video. An excel sheet will be created for the judges to key in the marks accordingly. The winners will be selected based on the average marks that will be given by the judges.

  • Winner announcement

The competition results will be announced via the Facebook account of GeoInformatic Unit and Water Watch Penang.  The prizes and digital certificates will be given to the winners a few days after the announcement.


  • Immediate Outputs:

The immediate output as soon as the programme ends will result in increased awareness of the university students from club geography who joined as organizing committee members. This project will also see the empowerment of students to take the lead in the water-saving project as well as the positive partnerships between the private sector, NGOs, schools, and government agencies. The target output for this programme based on the competition will be:

  1. At least, a total number of 20 students are educated and trained to organize water-saving competitions using social media.
  2. At least 50 videos related to water saving will be created under this competition. During the video-making process, the participants together with their friends, siblings, family members, etc, will have a better understanding of water saving.
  • Long-Term Outcomes:

This project is expected to produce long-term outcomes in water-saving practices since the uploaded videos will be stored on the social media platform unless the participants remove them from their accounts. The tik tok videos can be easily shared on other social media as well as during the water-saving campaign. This helps to promote education in water consumption, sharing and applying knowledge not in only schools, but at home, to friends and colleagues as well.


  1. PBAPP
  2. Universities (USM, UPSI, etc),
  3. USM Geography Club


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