Sri Pelita Primary School – Teaching Our Young To Be Water-Wise

Sri Pelita Primary School – Teaching Our Young To Be Water-Wise

24th February 2009

Venue: Sri Pelita Primary School

Time: 2pm-3.15pm

A talk on water awareness and education in Sri Pelita Primary School was conducted by 3 Water Watch Penang volunteers. They were Mr. Hong Chern Wern, Miss Noor Asyhikin and Miss Chuah Chiew Yen. The talk was attended by about 40 students ranging from kindergarden, primary 1, primary 2 and as well as primary 3. The students were briefed and introduced about water. Then it is followed by the source and origin of water as well as usage of water. Students were also taught about the problems that we are facing at the moment concerning water issues. Finally, some measures were recommended to the students on how to save and conserve water. Next, the students and the teachers were also introduced on the annual activities of Water Watch Penang. As for the closing on the interaction session, quizzes were organized for the students. About 10 prizes comprised of water bottles and t-shirts were given out to the students who were able to answer the questions correctly.

Not only did the kids have a great time but also the teachers and the three Water Watch Penang facilitators.

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