PBAPP Funded Activities

PBAPP has consistently collaborated with Water Watch Penang to raise awareness about water conservation among Penangites. Given Water Watch Penang’s primary focus on educating students and the public on water conservation, PBAPP consistently provides strong support by actively participating in various related activities and offering assistance.

Negalitres for Schools, as the core activity of Water Watch Penang, always gain the partnership with PBAPP to deliver periodic River and Water Education Awareness Programme to students from national schools as well as requested organisations in Penang. The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness about water conservation and the water crisis in Penang, emphasizing the significance and methods of saving water.

In 2023, Water Watch Penang successfully extends partnership to PBAPP’s Aqua Save Programme under the water theme. The Aqua Save programme by PBAPP is designed to recognize industries and organizations dedicated to water conservation efforts. In this regard, WWP serves as educators, imparting knowledge to the audience on water-saving initiatives.

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