Salcon Berhad-WWP River Awareness & Education Programme 14th March 2015

Salcon Berhad-WWP River Awareness & Education Programme 14th March 2015


Date:               14th March 2015 (Saturday)

School:            SMK Bandar Sri Damansara (1) Petaling Jaya (Form 3 to Form 5)

Venue:           Taman Rekreasi Lembah Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Time:              8.00 am – 1.00 pm

Participant:    34 students and 3 teachers

Students and teachers from SMK Bandar Sri Damansara (1) Petaling Jaya have been invited to join the River & Water Awareness Educational Programme on 14th March 2015 at Taman Rekreasi Lembah Kiara, TTDI. This programme involved 34 students, 3 teachers, 4 facilitators from Water Watch Penang (WWP), as well as 2 representatives from Salcon Berhad. The objective of this programme is to introduce the importance of river and water education to our future generation. Besides that, this programme also able to gain knowledges as well as raise awareness among the participants on the current issues pertaining water, river and environment.

The participants arrived at 8.30 am and the programme started right at that time. A welcoming speech was given by Mdm. Chern Meng Geck, representative from Salcon Berhad followed by the introduction of their nature of business. At 8.40 am, the introduction of the river monitoring programme was given by Mr. Lim Han Khim. During the briefing, Han Khim taught them the importance of river and drinking water source. The water issue regarding Penang river was discussed during the programme too. Han Khim taught them the importance of the three testing methods, i.e. Physical Testing, Chemical Testing as well as Biological Testing used in the programme. He discussed every single parameter we used to test the river water quality during the programme. The parameters can be found in the table attached at the end of the report. This programme was focused on secondary school students, two new parameters i.e. phosphate and nitrate have been introduced to them.

The participants are divided into three groups followed by 1 teacher and 1 WWP facilitator. They are assigned to undergo the physical and chemical testing at their sampling point. Every group is guided by their facilitator and further discussion was done in the group. A short break of refreshment was started at 11.00 am. The programme was continued for the briefing on biological testing at 11.20 am. The technique on the capture of macro-invertebrates and identification of them was taught by Han Khim. Some photo of macro-invertebrates and the usage of biological chart were shown to the students. They are given 30 minutes to capture macro-invertebrates in the river and a short discussion on identification was done among the group. The biological testing was end by 12.30 pm followed by the souvenir and certificate giving ceremony by Mdm. Chern. A photograph session was done at the end of the programme.

Salcon River & Water Awareness Educational Programme


Monitoring Result

General Information:                                                Facilitators:

River’s name: Lembah Kiara, TTDI                          1. Lim Han Khim

Date:               14th March 2015                              2. Ooi Seong Chuan

Time:              8.00 am – 1.00 pm                            3. Tan Hooi Ngoh

Weather:         Sunny                                                 4. Tang Soke Kwan


Physical conditions of the river:                                                           Chemical assessments of the river:

Measurements             Observation / Reading                                     Measurements                           Reading  / Result

Flow rate                              0.24 m/s                                                   pH                                                      7

Water clarity                       Crystal clear                                               Turbidity                                          40 JTU

Water colour                       Transparent                                               Temperature                                       27 °C

Water Odour                      Odourless                                                  Dissolved oxygen                              6.0 mg/L

Sediment colour                Brown yellowish                                          Phosphate                                        0.05 mg/L

Algae abundance               Little bit                                                      Nitrate                                              1.0 mg/L

Algae colour                     Green brownish


Biological assessments of the river:

List down the macro-invertebrates found in the river.


No        Name of Macro-invertebrates                                      Score

1          Mayfly nymph                                                                 5

2          Dragonfly nymph                                                            6

3          Damserfly nymph                                                            6

4          Freshwater shrimp                                                            4

5          Crayfish                                                                            5

6          Common net-spinner larvae                                             5

7          Pagoda snail                                                                      6

8          Pond snail                                                                         3

9          Water beetle                                                                     5

10        Water boatman                                                                 5


Average Score per Taxon (ASPT)

                    Total Score                                 50

=   —————————————     =   ———   = 5.0 (Rather dirty water-Average)

     Number of Macro-invertebrates               10                   



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