Habitat Foundation (River and Water Education Programme)

Water Watch Penang officially initiated a partnership with Habitat Foundation to conduct river and water education programmes for schools in 2023. Based in Penang, The Habitat Foundation is a charitable trust that seeks to foster a connection between people and nature through education, outreach, and active support for rainforest research, improved protected area management, conservation initiatives, and habitat restoration. Water Watch Penang serves as an educator on water-related themes by organizing river and water education programs that encompass both classroom sessions and on-site activities, integrating assessments of river water quality.

In 2023, a total of 5 education programmes were conducted involving 4 schools, educating a total of 92 students and 9 teachers. Two of the sessions were conducted in Prince of Wales Island International School while the remaining schools’ programme were conducted at Penang Botanical Gardens. The programmes conducted at Penang Botanical Gardens were led by Water Watch Penang with a combination of facilitators from Water Watch Penang and Habitat Foundation.

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