Media Statement

WATER WATCH PENANG thanks the Kedah State Government for not issuing any new logging concessions and its stand to continue the previous Kedah State Government’s policy to protect the Ulu Muda Forests (Main water catchment for the three northern peninsula states of Kedah, Perlis and Penang). 

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Water Consumption on the Rise – SPAN

Malaysians use a lot of water.

Currently we use an average of 230 litres of water daily per person which is enormously more than the WHO recommended average of approximately 160 litres a day. Some attribute it to the Non-Revenue Water that contributes to over 30% of water wastage, others say it is due the incredibly low water tariffs that we enjoy.

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Penang Water Resources Survey

With all that is going on in the world and more pressingly with the current pandemic, it is easy to forget certain aspects of life that we take for granted. Many do not know that Penang is facing an imminent threat to its water sources.

Our dams are drying up and rainfall has been erratic over the past year. We need to do more for our state.

Water Watch Penang is conducting a survey to understand the Penang public perception on water problems for further action. Do take some time during this MCO phase to answer the questions in this survey. We value your opinion as it is important for us to know what Penangnites feel about the current water situation.

The survey is best taken on a desktop device or laptop. Phones have some issues with parts of the survey. Do use horizontal screen to accommodate for that.