‘NEGALITRES FOR SCHOOLS’ – River and Water Education Program at SJK(C) Chong Cheng – 28th October 2022

On the 28th of October 2022 at SJKC Chong Cheng, Water Watch Penang (WWP) hosted two sessions (morning and afternoon) on Negalitres for Schools River and Water Awareness Educational programmes lead by Dr Hong Chern Wern and facilitated by Ms Ong Ke Shin and Mr Ooi Che Khai. The educational programmes are attended by a total of 729 students from Standard 4, 5, and 6, and 60 teachers during the morning session, and 911 students from Standard 1,2, and 3, and 42 teachers during the afternoon session respectively. This programme involved the greatest number of student participants to date.

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Penang Water Audit Competition 2022 – 29th October 2022

29th October 2022: The Penang Water Audit Competition 2022 concluded with a participation of a total of 45 students from nine schools in Penang. Supported by Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pulau Pinang, hosted at SJKC Union and in partnership with PBAPP, Penang Green Council, Green Educator’s Workgroup (GREW), and Clean International.

Water Audit is the method of calculating the flow of water in a system to comprehend its usage so that losses can be reduced and water conservation can be improved. Penang Water Audit Competition 2022 is the first-ever water audits competition held in Penang that is aimed at educating the student on the importance of water conservation, empower students to take action in conducting water audits, and promote active partnership or participation in schools.

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The third Salcon Smart Water Program of 2022 was held at Bukit Kiara Federal Park on the October 22nd in collaboration with Water Watch Penang (WWP). Along with representatives from Salcon Berhad, Ms. Chern Meng Gaik and Mr. Kong Qi Yan, 38 students, and 2 teachersfrom SMK Lembah Subang attended the river activity.


The purpose of this river activity is to educate and share information with the students about rivers and water on a global, regional, and local level, with a particular emphasis on Selangor. Dr. Hong Chern Wern served as the program’s lead, assisted by facilitators, Ms. Ong Ke Shin, Ms. Adeline Chong, Mr. Ooi Che Khai, Ms. Alicia Khor, and Ms. Janice Yip as facilitator as well as as well as Mr. Gan Vincent who was the official photographer for the event.

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WWP welcomes our new intern, Mr. Ooi Che Khai

Mr. Ooi Che Khai, a Penang native who is currently a third-year student studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Environmental Engineering at University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus (UTAR Kampar). He is very interested in the field of ecology, nature, and green technology which can help to make our Earth better. As a nature lover, he thinks that getting an internship opportunity in Waterwatch Penang (WWP) can help to improve his skill in communication, and water analysis, and get more knowledge about nature and green technology. With the skills and knowledge obtained from this internship opportunity, Che Khai can smoothen and establish a foundation for his future career.

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‘NEGALITRES FOR SCHOOLS’ – River and Water Education Program by GREW Teacher at SMK Datuk Onn Butterworth— 5 October 2022

5 October 2022: Under the ‘NEGALITRES FOR SCHOOLS’ programme – River and Water Education Program took place on the 5th of October 2022 at SMK Datuk Onn Butterworth participated by 125 students and 10 teachers.

Also as part of “Think Tank Water Saving Programme” this session is also one of the outcomes of the Training of Trainers Programme (TOT) by Water Watch Penang whereby Cikgu Fasya facilitated this programme for her students with the aim to educate the pupils about the water-savvy environment and to raise their awareness.

CIkgu Fasya took advantage of the occasion by introducing the water quality monitoring processes and calculation of daily average water use per person to the pupils.

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