Meet Mr. Dane Lim Chiu Tong, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Journalism at UTAR Kampar. Positioned as an observer of the world, he aspires to explore an unfamiliar yet crucial domain through his internship with Water Watch Penang (WWP) – the realms of environmental conservation. As a proud Klang Kia, he also seeks to embark on a journey of exploration in this dynamic and unfamiliar city.

However, Dane is not content to remain a passive observer. Eager to immerse himself in the dynamic landscape of news reporting and storytelling, he sees the internship with WWP as the ideal platform. Here, his aspirations extend beyond honing communication skills; he envisions delving into the intricacies of water analysis, using this hands-on experience as a gateway to comprehensive knowledge in nature and green technology. Moreover, WWP’s commitment to organizing outdoor activities, including nature excursions and outdoor education, aligns seamlessly with his journalistic spirit, adding an extra layer of excitement to his internship.

But Dane is not all about academia. Outside the journalism realm, he’s an avid nature lover who finds joy in capturing the beauty of the world through photography. When he’s not chasing stories or snapping pictures, you can find Dane on the sports field, enjoying a variety of sports. He also listening to all kinds of music, from rock to classical.

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