On September 25, 2023, Water Watch Penang (WWP) effectively coordinated the ‘Negalitres for Schools’ River and Water Education Program at SJKC Li Tek B. The program engaged 79 students, spanning Standard 4 to Standard 6, along with 15 dedicated teachers. The event ran from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Mr. Hanson, the program’s facilitator, commenced by providing an overview of WWP’s mission and its extensive history of water-related initiatives. He used “The Water Princess” story-telling model to explain local and global water crises, emphasizing water conservation and responsible usage. Next, natural and human-induced factors contributing to water scarcity were discussed, accompanied by visuals illustrating daily struggles in underserved communities, fostering empathy and responsibility among the students. Addressing a local concern, Mr. Hanson highlighted Penang’s low water tariff and its potential to encourage wasteful practices.

Furthermore, the students had the unique opportunity to delve into river water quality monitoring, encompassing physical, chemical, and biological assessments by WWP’s intern, Ms. Tan Ying Sing. In the context of chemical assessment, the students gained insight into the detrimental effects of elevated chemical levels in rivers and their contribution to pollution. Informative videos and visuals conveyed the pivotal role played by macroinvertebrates as indicators of ecosystem health.

Furthermore, the students were introduced to a range of water-saving technologies and equipment, including automatic push taps, rainwater harvesting systems, and PBAPP’s water-saving kit. Ms. Tan Ying Sing conducted a practical demonstration on the proper utilization of push taps via the presentation slides, elucidating their role in minimizing water wastage.

The program featured an engaging quiz session, with winning participants receiving prizes and merchandise from WWP.

For more information, please contact WWP Executive Manager, Dr. Hong Chern Wern, at hong.wwp@gmail.com or contact WWP at +6019-5751253.

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