On September 20, 2023, Water Watch Penang (WWP) conducted the ‘Negalitres for Schools’ River and Water Education Program alongside a Storytelling Program for students at SJKC Keow Kuang from 11.00AM to 12.30 PM. A total of 836 students, ranging from Standard 1 to Standard 6, participated, along with 46 teachers.

Dr. Ng Si Ling, an active member of Water Watch Penang and a senior lecturer in USM, led the educational session, aligning with the program’s objective to enhance water awareness among children. She began by introducing WWP and then delved into foundational knowledge about freshwater resources and the water cycle, emphasizing the scarcity of potable water.

Dr. Ng Si Ling employed the story “The Water Princess” to elucidate national and global water crises. The narrative depicted the challenges faced by people in African villages who lack access to clean water, underscoring the importance of water conservation. It highlighted our privilege of abundant clean water, teaching responsible water usage.

Furthermore, Dr. Ng offered comprehensive guidance on water conservation techniques within school and at home, mentioning the automated taps in their schools, as the school is part of the Negalitres for School’s Programme. emphasized the significance of responsible water usage for environmental preservation.

In between lectures, quiz sessions were conducted by Dr. Ng, assisted by Mr. Hanson Yeoh, Programme Officer and Ms. Tan Ying Sing, an intern from WWP as well. Students answering correctly received prizes like PBAPP washers, notebooks, and coloring books. WWP would like to extend its gratitude to SJK Keow Kuang for hosting the ‘Negalitres for Schools’ programme.

For more information regarding the following programme, you may contact the following person in charge

✅Water Story Telling Programme: Dr. Ng Si Ling –

✅Negalitres for Schools Programme: Dr Hong Chern Wern – 

‘Negalitres for Schools,’ launched on 22 March 2022, was coordinated by WWP in partnership with Intel Corporation, CLEAN International, and in collaboration with Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) and PBAPP. This project is fully funded by CLEAN International Inc. and Intel Corporation and is also supported by the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Penang State Education Department. The local partners involved are the Penang State Government through the Penang Green Council, PBAPP, and the Green Educators Workgroup (GREW).

For more information, please contact WWP Executive Manager, Dr. Hong Chern Wern, at or contact WWP at +6019-5751253.

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