On the 15th and 17th August 2023, Water Watch Penang successfully conducted a ‘double’ ‘River Ranger’ programme in collaboration with the Intel Malaysia CSR programme. This programme involved active engagement of Intel staff members at Quarry Park, Botanical Garden of Penang. A total of 70 participants/volunteers took part in the programme on both days.

Both programmes started with a welcoming speech from Mr. Md Hasri Md Harizan from Public Affairs, Intel Malaysia while WWP president Prof. Dr. Chan Ngai Weng attended and gave an opening speech on the 15th of August 2023. Next, the Executive Manager, Dr Hong Chern Wern provided a brief educational session centered around an introduction to Water Watch Penang, Penang’s water challenges, and water quality evaluations. The programme was aimed to educate the participants about the importance of responsible water consumption and the environmental impact caused by water wastage and pollution. 

Series 1: 15th August 2023
Series 2: 17th August 2023

The participants were divided into four groups to evaluate the river water quality in terms of physical, chemical and biological aspects with the guidance of trained facilitators. The facilitators involved in this programme were Ms. Puteri Nur Atiqah and Ms. Farzana, Mr. Yee Jean Chai (Jean), Ms. Ong Ke Shin and, Ms. Tew Yi Lin, Mr. Sharvind. These facilitators were assisted by Mr. Hanson Yeoh, WWP’s Programme Officer and four interns, Ms. Khairul Barieyah, Ms. Tan Ying Sing, Ms. Naaga Lechume and Ms Divya Sree. 

In the physical assessment of the river, participants measured the river velocity, temperature, and water turbidity. Next in the the chemical assessment section, the parameters involved testing pH level and organic compounds such as Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Dissolved Oxygen and Phosphate to detect potential pollution from external sources. 

Finally, biological assessments were conducted whereby the participants captured and identified macroinvertebrates that act as indicators to determine the river’s health. Some aquatic organisms captured are damselfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, mayfly nymphs and freshwater shrimps. After being identified, these aquatic organisms were released into the river.

Detailed information regarding the chemical and biological assessment will be shared in separate posts soon. 

Water Watch Penang would like to extend its sincere gratitude for this continuous partnership with Intel Malaysia. For more information, please contact Dr. Hong Chern Wern at

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