First Event of the Year: Public Engagement on Challenges of Water Resources Management in Penang – Penang Digital Library – 8th January 2023

8th January 2023: Water Watch Penang was invited to give a short talk by Penang Green Council under Kebun KitaR’s Green Education Program managed by Bayan Greentech Sdn Bhd. The Kebun KitaR, a community farm managed by Bayan Greentech Sdn Bhd, is organising a free green education program session per month from August 2022 until July 2023 at Penang Digital Library to educate the participants on urban farming. The Kebun KitaR’s training and workshop will be done according to three main themes, namely ‘Act At Home’, ‘The Future Is A Garden’, and ‘Learn From Nature’ to promote sustainability and encourage the public to lead a healthy life.

The education program started with the introduction of the topic of water conservation and soil health by Dr. Jen. In order to help the participants to raise their awareness about the importance of clean water and appreciate the current adequate supply of clean water in Penang, Dr. Hong then presented and discuss on the local, national, and global water issues and the related topic such as Baling flood in 2022 that caused the water disruption in Penang. Several challenges of water resources management in Penang had also been introduced such as high water consumption of Penangites, and cheap water tariff.

In the final section, Dr.Hong emphasised various water-saving methods that can be implemented by the public in their houses. Before ending the talk, Dr.Hong also taught the participants to calculate their daily water usage. The participants also share their water-saving practice experience in their daily life. There are also many Penangites feedback to Dr.Hong and share their shockingness about realizing Penang is a water-poor state in Malaysia.

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