Family Fun Learning Workshop on Water Treatment Processes at the Giving Tree Story House – 6th November 2022, The Giving Tree Story House

WWP does not only promote and conduct river and education session for primary school and secondary school student but also involves kindergarten students with their family.

In partnership with PBAPP and Universiti Sains Malaysia, led by Dr. Oh Wen Da and Dr. Ni Si Ling who are also Committee Member and member of Water Watch Penang, water treatment education kit were designed, developed and utilised in this workshop.

A total of seven group of families (approximately 30 participants) attended the workshop hosted by ‘The Giving Tree Story House’ learning about the main water treatment processes via fun and interactive method using the education kit.

This education kit will also be showcased as part of the experiments in Penang International Science Fair this coming 10 December 2022.

For more information you may contact the project lead, Dr. Oh Wen Da at ohwenda[at]usm[dot]my

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