‘NEGALITRES FOR SCHOOLS’ – River and Water Education Program at SMK St. George’s Girls’ School – 12th October 2022

12-October-2022: Water Watch Penang (WWP) organised an educational program on river and water awareness at SMK St. George’s Girls’ School. There are approximately 600 students and 4 teachers involved in the educational program.

Dr. Hong Chern Wern, the Executive Manager of Water Watch Penang, began the educational program by giving a briefing on the organization’s background and its goal of hosting this educational talk session. He then shared knowledge and information about the river and water issues in the world nowadays together with sharing pictures of some world’s most polluted rivers to raise the appreciation of pupils towards the low water bill and adequate supply of clean water in Penang.

Next, Ms. Nur Aina Syahira, a trained facilitator and one of the interns from WWP continued by explaining to the students about the physical, chemical, and biological assessments of a river that WWP undertook in order to look at the degree of contamination. Testing was done on a variety of parameters, including odour, temperature, turbidity, pH, and the concentrations of phosphate, nitrite, and ammonia in the river. The aquatic macroinvertebrates were captured and identified using the catch-and-release technique.

At the final section, the students watched Dr. Hong demonstrated a variety of water-saving techniques and technologies to prevent water wastage for economical and eco-friendly purposes. PBAPP video on water saving was also played for the students to learn more information about water-saving and the current planning of PBAPP for water conservation.

This programme is brought to you by CLEAN International dan Intel Corporation, coordinated by Water Watch Penang in partnership and supported by PBAPP, Penang Green Council, and Green Educator’s Workgroup.

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