WWP welcomes our new intern, Mr. Ooi Che Khai

Mr. Ooi Che Khai, a Penang native who is currently a third-year student studying Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Environmental Engineering at University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus (UTAR Kampar). He is very interested in the field of ecology, nature, and green technology which can help to make our Earth better. As a nature lover, he thinks that getting an internship opportunity in Waterwatch Penang (WWP) can help to improve his skill in communication, and water analysis, and get more knowledge about nature and green technology. With the skills and knowledge obtained from this internship opportunity, Che Khai can smoothen and establish a foundation for his future career.

After reading some news and social media posts of WWP, Che Khai is very excited to spend his internship period with this non-profit organization. Unlike other internship jobs which are limited to office work and repeating tasks for the whole day, the WWP internship allows us to travel around the schools in Malaysia especially my hometown, Penang to spread awareness of water-saving and environmental caring. Besides, WWP is also hosting outdoor events frequently such as nature outings and river analysis programs.

Let’s know more about Che Khai. Che Khai is active in his university activity, particularly in the mandarin debate. He always participates in various national and international competitions. Other than his passion for debate, he also enjoys listening to music especially pop music and classical music.

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