‘NEGALITRES FOR SCHOOLS’ – River and Water Education Programme at SJKT Ladang Malakoff — 2nd September 2022

2nd September 2022: Water Watch Penang has conducted “Negalitres for Schools” education programme at SJKT Ladang Malakoff participated a total of 123 students ranging from standard 1 to standard 6 together with 11 teachers.

Mr. Linges Navamney, the alumnus of SJKT Ladang Malakoff and the secretary of Water Watch Penang (WWP), was the day’s facilitator. The whole session was conducted in the Tamil Language Since which is the primary language at this school. Mr. Linges started with an introduction to WWP’s history and aims, as well as initiatives such as river preservation and conservation efforts, an annual water quiz, World Water Day celebrations, and so forth.

In addition to the function as water source, river also serves as flood control channel, transportation route, tourist attraction, a power source, and many more functions. The students were guided on water classification ranging from bad to excellent and the polluted river water conditions in Malaysia, with Johor being the most polluted river. The students were then urged to use water wisely and some of the strategies are utilizing an auto self-closing water tap instead of a manual water tap, shutting off the water when not in use, keeping a short hairstyle as lesser water is in need during baths, and minimizing oil use cuisine.

Furthermore, he also educated the students to determine their daily water usage per capita via water bill. Some obtained a result of 150 litres to 250 litres indicates a good water user while those who got above 250 litres were consider wasteful or suspects water leakage. Lastly, students were given water saving kits and guided on how to install them at home as it’ll leads to a 30% of water output reduction.

This initiative was coordinated by WWP, in partnership with Intel Corporation, CLEAN International and in collaboration with MBSP and PBAPP.

Kindly contact Dr. Hong Chern Wern, the Executive Manager of WWP, at hong.wwp@gmail.com for further information.


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