Meet our two new interns from Universiti Sains Malaysia

Hello Everybody! Introducing Water Watch Penang’s two new interns from School of Chemistry, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Ms. Nur Aina Syahira binti Mohamad Ruslan and Ms. Adeline Chong Neian.

Ms. Nur Aina Syahira

Miss Nur Aina Syahira binti Mohamad Ruslan . A third year student at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is undertaking Pure Chemistry Course minoring in Management. Fondly known as ‘Erra’, she wants to explore how chemistry is applied to water-related studies. She also want improve her soft skill and is a nature lover. She feels that an internship opportunity at WWP will enable her to learn about water, skills, nature, photograph and communication. All these new knowledge can be applied into her future job and career.

Erra is really excited to involve in WWP’s activities because she wants to try new experience besides lab experiment and hope to apply this experience into her final year project which is next semester. She will try her level best to be beneficial to WWP as an intern and will practicing the knowledge that she gained whether soft skills or practical skills.

She is also active in USM club activities particularly in the USM band. She is a vocalist for USM band and she has started to show her talent since study at Penang Matriculation College(KMPP).

Ms. Adeline Chong

Ms. Adeline Chong Neian, an Ipoh native who is presently an undergraduate from School of Chemical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) pursuing Industrial Chemistry and Japanese minor.

When Adeline had the opportunity to teach briefly at a secondary school back then, she developed an interest in education because it allowed her to engage with pupils while imparting knowledge. What’s more, it becomes the juncture for her to choose Water Watch Penang (WWP), an organization that frequently hosts activities at schools while also taking the kids on nature outings and improving their awareness of water usage in the process.

Living at the first floor of row houses since young, she always encounters water shortage situation whether it be while taking a bath or simply doing the dishes. This situation resulted in her appreciating the value of water, and she cannot tolerate water wastage. By joining WWP, she intends to help educate and make the community to acknowledge how precious it is to have access to clean water.

In her spare time, Adeline enjoys listening to music and watching manga, anime or k-drama. She is particularly taken to ‘Baby, Good Bye’ cover by Zhou Shen and ‘The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)’ cover by Rosé from Blackpink, as she found both their voices attractive and soothing. She likes partaking in thrilling outdoor activities like flying fox, rock climbing, and parachuting in addition to de-stressing.

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