MBSP – ‘NEGALITRES FOR SCHOOLS’ River and Water Education Programme at SMK Berapit – 27 July 2022

27 July 2022: Water Watch Penang (WWP) managed to run an educational talk with regard to the programme ‘Negalitres for Schools’ for the students in SMK Berapit, Bukit Mertajam. This programme is a co-organized programme between Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) and WWP for the Negalitres for Schools Programme.

The programme involved 30 students, mainly Form 4 and Form 5 students, with two teachers from SMK Berapit. The programme was led by the facilitator, Dr. Hong Chern Wern from Water Watch Penang, with his intern, Hanson providing assistance and learning to be a facilitator. In addition, Ms. Fatin Habsah Binti Ahmad, the Senior Assistant Environmental Health Officer of MBSP, attended the talk as well to see how WWP nourished future leaders regarding the importance of water conservation.

The programme first introduced the students to the national and global water issues, with different kinds of water crisis events and the pollution of water resources faced by various countries worldwide, including Malaysia. Furthermore, students were exposed to the reasons why the water crises and water pollution occurred, where these issues happened to be on the steady path to severity, not the cure. Thus, students realized how blessed they were and should be grateful for the continuous water supply in Penang. Aside from that, the facilitator suggested several ways for students to save water and reduce water consumption, emphasizing the importance of conserving water. Moreover, students got to know the local water issues and the current status of the rivers in Penang through this talk, with the introduction of the river and water monitoring, evaluation, and assessment in biological, physical, and chemical methods.

During the sharing session on ways to save water appropriately, the students were revealed to the water-saving kits provided by the Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP), an automatic push-tap, and rainwater harvesting system, where SMK Berapit had this installed previously. These water-saving types of equipment highlighted the need to conserve water in Penang, especially for students who had no idea how easily water was wasted in our daily life. At the end of the programme, each student and teacher was given a water-saving kit to be installed in the tap or showerhead at home, thus reducing water consumption in the house.

This programme is brought to you by MBSP, CLEAN International and Intel Corporation and coordinated by Water Watch Penang. The event ended with group photo taking and a souvenir presentation.

For more information, please get in touch with Executive Manager, Dr. Hong Chern Wern at hong.wwp[at]gmail[dot]com


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