Online Water Innovation Challenge 2022 under ACS USM – 23 April 2022, Zoom online

23rd April 2022: International Student Chapter of American Chemical Society, Universiti Sains Malaysia (ACS USM) has conducted a programme called “Water Innovation Challenge 2022: Be a Solution to Water Pollution: Transformation via Sustainability Strategies” via Zoom where the programme was attended by more than 200 participants.

The programme was started with a speech by Project Director, Melody Lim Wen Qing, followed by an advisor from ACS USM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Hooi Ling, and lastly by the Executive Manager of Water Watch Penang, Dr. Hong Chern Wern. In addition, Dr. Hong Chern Wern has also given talks on water conservation using technology and self-initiated actions.

The purpose of this programme was to educate the participants about the importance of proper water consumption without wasting water. The programme also ran several lucky draws where several winners have been selected based on the spinning wheel. At the end of the program, the participating winners were announced, with third place being won by the Innovative Brilliant Team, second place being won by the Dream Team, and first place being won by Aquaphile. In addition, the Dream Team also won the popularity award.

This programme was sponsored by Water Watch Penang.

For more information, please contact Executive Manager, Dr. Hong Chern Wern at hong.wwp[at]gmail[dot]com.

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