Meet our new intern, Ms. Nursyazana from School of Communication majoring in journalism from Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Nursyazana is currently a final year student from Alor Setar, Kedah. Nursyazana or people call her Ana, applied for an internship program with Water Watch Penang because she wants to improve her knowledge on issues regarding water and gain additional information about water education. Moreover, she wants to improve her soft skills and get to know more people through programs that are conducted by WWP because as an introverted person, this is the best chance to communicate and meet new people. For Ana, it is beneficial to try new things because when people experience new things and are introduced to new material, they will learn. She also enjoyed photography because it gave her the ability to capture scenes from her life to remember and study. As a student who studied journalism, she wants to apply all the things she had learned such as writing and communicating a lot with people. Doing an internship with WWP also allows her to write more articles, especially about water management. She is very committed to giving her best in WWP.

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