“Climate change has crucially changed the availability, quantity and quality of global water supply and cycle which includes some of its significant effects such as longer drought period and heavier amount of rainfall”. An estimate of 1.2 billion people worldwide is unable to have access to clean and pure water. They must walk for miles in search of obtaining clean water. Freshwater is an irreplaceable substance which is a precious commodity and must be conserved as much as possible to ensure the abundant supply for everyone on Planet Earth, especially in the upcoming future.

Based on the latest data displayed in the SPAN’s website, Malaysia has consumed 10.786 MILLION LITRES OF WATER A DAY, in 2017. 60 percent of the volume of water were used solely in domestic households. Using less water and only the amount you need can save gallons of water. It also means saving money and ensuring a more sustainable future!

Are you trying to discover ways to conserve water at your own home? Well, you’re in luck. You can carry out the task of conserving water by following these few simple steps to start reducing your daily consumption of water at home

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