Gearing up for World Water Day 2021 – Valuing Waters

In conjunction of World Water Day 2021, Water Watch Penang is joining the bandwagon to celebrate this annual event with partners Malaysia. This year’s theme ‘Valuing Water’ is about emphasising the need of water for different purposes, in your home, in your workspace, food production, religious activity, businesses and many more.

Today, the access to clean water supply is under extreme pressure from growing population that lead to increasing demand in food and industrial needs while scarcity is exacerbated by climate change and pollution of water sources.

As the sole water-based NGO in Malaysia, Water Watch Penang is partnering with various stakeholders in organising webinars and online activities:

a) Project 71: Every Single Drop Matters – 19th March 2021 (An online public talk on water saving initiatives, in partnership with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus)

b) Forum Presentation for Water Genius Challenge – 20th March 2021 (A closed event for participating schools of Water Genius Challenge in partnership with Salcon Berhad

c) Malaysia Water Association Webinar on Celebration of World Water Day 2021 – Valuing Water – 22 March 2021 (The President of Water Watch Penang, Prof Dr. Chan Ngai Weng, will be celebrating the World Water Day by becoming one of the panellists to discuss about ‘what water means to people, its true value and how we can better protect this vital resource’.)

Get the message across. Take action! Download social media resources and toolkit of World Water Day 2021.

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