Pocket Talk Series: Through the Eyes of an Artist

The third part of Water Watch Penang’s Pocket Talk series saw a peak attendance of 34 viewers to listen to two notable artists, graphic designer Tan Wah Chew and photographer Thum Chia Chieh on their stories about working with Water Watch Penang on the conservation of the Ulu Muda forest.

Thum showed several pictures that he took of Ulu Muda on the one day excursion there as source materials for Water Watch Penang on the area. He further explains in-depth on the background of Ulu Muda and its importance to Penang and the surrounding states as well. Among the pictures that he took included locals working along the Ulu Muda river , animals roaming the surroundings and several natural salt licks and hot springs

Tan on the other hand walked through the process he took to create the Ulu Muda brochure. From the images that he used as inspiration to the layout of the brochure, he gives us an idea of what it took to make the comprehensive and thoughtful handout. He even took inspiration from Chinese calligraphy to create the project logo.

You can view the entire video here

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