Pocket Talk Series: Through the Eyes of GreenSmiths


Water Watch Penang’s second Pocket Talk Series happened on the 26th of June featuring Kang Yue Shern and Shahrol Nizam from GreenSmiths to share their experiences working and trudging through the Ulu Muda forest.

Approximately 35 people viewed the livestream hosted on Facebook and Zoom.

Project manager of GreenSmiths, Kang Yue Shern explained about GreenSmiths and their aim to expose the younger generation about environmental issues. Part of that process is to bring young people into Ulu Muda forest, typically for 3 days and two nights.

“We’ve realised that actually young people, they’re not very connected to the natural environment ”

“We want to empower these young people so that they can actually do something to address a lot of these environmental issues that we are facing today”

She also recounted her first trip to Ulu Muda forest and how she felt disappointed for not having the chance to view elephants or other exotic animals. Since then, she has had many opportunities through facilitating GreenSmiths’ activities to catch a glimpse of those creatures.

GreenSmiths intern, Shahrol Nizam provided his own perspective about working for GreenSmiths and how they helped him find his platform to voice out about environmental issues.

“I was a really, really shy person at first and didn’t speak much to others but now I feel more confident.”

Some highlighted Ulu Muda activities that Shahrol Nizam loved included the Eco-Waterpump where he worked with others to create a scaled prototype of a waterpump. He also enjoyed going to schools to share his experiences as well to give back to the community.

Click here to see the entire video and see how Ulu Muda has impacted its conservationists.

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