Pocket Talk Series: Through the Eyes of the Researcher

Water Watch Penang organised a Pocket Talk Series which was broken into three separate with the first one held on the 19th of June 2020 through Zoom and live streaming it to Facebook at the same time.

This Pocket Talk Series aims to provide insight into the experiences of two researchers; Ethan Pang from University Sains Malaysia and Oi Ching from Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants, University of Nottingham while studying the natural forests of Ulu Muda.

A total of 35 people attended the hour long talk moderated by Phang Wai Leng from WWP.

Ethan Pang was the first to share his experiences and he highlighted the wildlife, especially some of the endangered primates such as the agile gibbons that reside in Ulu Muda.

Oi Ching on the other hand explained about her research with elephants living in the Ulu Muda forest. Elephants are classified as an endangered species and in Malaysia, elephants are given the status of ‘Totally Protected Species’.

At the end of the Pocket Talk, both speakers spent some time to answer questions from the enthusiastic viewers.

View the entire video here

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